Battle of midway film remake

Midway is a 2019 american epic war film directed by roland emmerich, who produced the film with harald kloser, and written by wes tooke. The 1942 battle of midway was the turning point of the war in the pacific. The film, based on the reallife events of this heroic feat, tells the story of the leaders and soldiers who used their instincts, fortitude and bravery to overcome the odds. The battle of midway 46 june 1942 was one of the most critical battles of wwii, and one of the most onesided battles in all of history, although achieved at a very high cost for the u. Midway centers on the battle of midway, a clash between the american fleet and the imperial japanese navy which marked a pivotal turning point. Hollywood revisits battle of midwaywith backing from. Chester nimitz, according to the hollywood reporter. Director roland emmerich had trouble finding financing for his movie about the 1942 battle of midway. Roland emmerich will direct world war ii battle movie midway with chinas bona film group leading the investment for the mark gordon co. The new midway a remake of the 1976 version starring, among others, henry fonda this time will have woody harrelson in the role of adm.

Based on the true story of world war iis battle of midway a turning point in the pacific theater of world war ii. Based on the true story of the battle of midway, a turning point in the pacific theater of world war ii, the film chronicles the heroic. The film features an ensemble cast, including ed skrein, patrick wilson, luke evans, aaron eckhart, nick jonas, mandy moore, dennis quaid, tadanobu asano, and woody harrelson. The main plot points are a charlton hestonsusan sullivan romance and the coral sea battle reffered to in the other version is played out like the midway battle. The filmmaker behind massive hits like independence day and the patriot has locked in a filming location for a remake of the 1976 movie midway, starring charlton heston and henry.

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