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Many companies have tried to make a large, notefriendly smartphone, but none have succeeded quite as well as samsung. The octa is manufactured by samsung on a 28nm process. Heres what you need to know about the processors packed into your smartphone and tablets for smartphones in 2014 it was mostly about quadcore power. Do you hope to see the 8core exynos 5 octa inside the samsung galaxy s4, and if so do you expect this chip to deliver the right balance of performance and. The data on this chart is gathered from usersubmitted geekbench 5 results from the geekbench browser. Compare samsung galaxy s4 prices before buying online. The processor enables galaxy smartphones to carry out more advanced tasks such as handling high resolution videos and graphicheavy games without draining the battery, making the devices capable and efficient. The samsung galaxy s4 is now two and a half years old, and not only was it replaced by the korean firms 2014 flagship offering, the galaxy s5, but the samsung galaxy s6 has also been on the. Thanks to smart manager, galaxy a2 core allows users to easily manage files and free up storage space. With the latest version of qualcomms snapdragon 600 processor, the galaxy s4 catapults itself to the top of the smartphone gaming heap. Samsung galaxy s4 update living with the galaxy s4.

When it comes to its features, there is nothing small about this samsung galaxy tablet. As always, i ran a couple of benchmarks on the tab s4 to get a general idea about what to expect from this tablet, followed by simple everyday usage and some gaming just to see how it performs in real life scenarios. However, the qualcomm snapdragon 801 equipped model isnt the only s5 version available. The upshot of this is that the exynos 5 octas maximum performance will be. As the rumors suggested, the us version will be using qualcomms quadcore snapdragon 600 whilst the rest of. Overall, i can only say good of s4, as my analysis suggests, it works very well at all, does well what it promises, the only thing you should take into metal rim and not plastic, and the battery may be a bit of power, and must bring radio. Samsung presents a new addition to their tablet lineup, the samsung galaxy tab a 2nd gen. Octacore samsung galaxy s4 smokes the competition in. Samsung octa core mobile phones samsung octa core mobile.

Samsungs new flagship smartphone, the galaxy s 4, has different chipsets in the u. The samsung galaxy s4 is powered by samsungs exynos 5 octa processor which is essentially a set of two quadcore processors a 1. The samsung galaxy s4 recently showed up in benchmarks running an exynos octa cpu and a 544mp powervr sgx gpu. In the lead up to the official launch of the galaxy s4 tonight in new york, a series of leaks from china mean that we now know almost all of the hardware and software specs of samsungs new. Its the same model that the us, the uk and much of europe is getting. Samsung galaxy s4 and note 3 could become true eightcore. In case youre wondering, there were two versions of the galaxy s4 launched. Samsung galaxy s4 and note 3 could become true eight core devices through software upgrade by now its pretty common knowledge that samsungs exynos 5 octa isnt really a true eightcore chip, only allowing either four lowpower cortexa7 cores or four highperformance cortexa15 cores to be active at any time. Rs 40,200 heres a smartphone that requires no introduction. Samsung galaxy s4 has the fastest gaming graphics of any phone. The samsung galaxy s4 was released as a highend powerhouse back in 20, but has since been. The latest benchmark tests received by sam mobile shows the samsung galaxy s4 gti9500, with a 1.

The hardware inside the samsung galaxy tab s4 isnt exactly new, but its still respectable for an androidbased tablet. Time to check out the gaming perfomance for samsung s new flag ship device, the galaxy s4. The octacore processor also gives galaxy devices faster load times. Samsung galaxy s4 i9500 64gb smartphone runs on android v4. How to install stock firmware on galaxy s4 all models. Even with multiple windows or browsers open, these mobile phones have eight processor cores instead of the average competitors four. The samsung galaxy s4 is an android smartphone produced by samsung electronics as the fourth smartphone of the samsung galaxy s series and was first shown publicly on march 14, 20, at samsung mobile unpacked in new york city. Uk samsung galaxy s4 no longer getting exynos 5 octa cpu. A samsung eightcore chip used in some galaxy s4 smartphone models is now available for hackers to play with on a developer board from south koreabased hardkernel. The new processor gives it an additional four cores compared to its predecessor, but the allotted. Samsung galaxy s4 the most powerful smartphone of the year with octa core processor was launched in india two months back, it has a 1. On the hardware side samsung is also following its prior pattern, putting different chipsets in the u. Samsungs galaxy smartphones run on either octacore 2. Samsungs latest flagship, the galaxy s 4, comes in two distinct flavors and theyre both good.

The samsung galaxy s4 will be available to australians on saturday, 27 april, and as weve noted many times before, its the quadcore snapdragon 600 version, as opposed to the exynos 5 octacore. As the name suggests, the octacore processor is made up of eight processor cores that power galaxy smartphones. I also show you the fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and the improved 16. The benchmark was performed through antutu and revealed these specifications that contradict some of the recent rumors, which state that the galaxy s4 will use the qualcomm snapdragon s4 chip. Geekbench 5 scores are calibrated against a baseline score of which is the score of an intel core i3.

The international variant gti9500 of the galaxy s4 exynos 5 octa octacore system on a chip soc chip containing the first arm big. The galaxy s 4 is the first samsung device to feature its homegrown exynos 5 octa 5410 chip, which as its name implies is an eightcore cpu with an imagination technologies powervr sgx. One uses the muchhyped exynos octacore chip, while its identical twin takes advantage of the. Galaxy s4s latest benchmark confirms samsungs exynos 5 octa kills qualcomms snapdragon 600 today at sammobile, we received the latest benchmark tests of the galaxy s4 gti9500 exynos 5 octa variant with samsungs latest test firmware installed and. Galaxy s4 shows up in benchmarks with octacore processor. It is the successor to the galaxy s iii, which maintains a similar design, but with upgraded hardware and an increased focus on software features that take advantage of.

Samsung galaxy s4 has the fastest gaming graphics of any. Not just enthusiasts, but almost every person who has the slightest of hint that i. Little heterogeneous architecture central processing unit cpu. The samsung galaxy tab s4 sports an octacore snapdragon 835 processor with 4gb of system memory. Lag times and slow response speeds will no longer be a worry with the new samsung octa core mobiles. Samsung galaxy s4 vs samsung galaxy s8 mobile comparison compare samsung galaxy s4 vs samsung galaxy s8 price in india, camera, size and other specifications at gadgets now. Moreover, performance enhancer optimizes your smartphone by putting unwanted apps running in the background to sleep. The samsung galaxy s4 octa also topped the epic citadel chart again, a couple of frames ahead of s600, though its getting too close to the software 60fps. Benchmark results for the samsung galaxy s4 can be found below.

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